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Hey, fear friends! It’s Jed. I just wanted to fill you in on our busy September. First things first. Thanks to Caleb for sharing his “Decomposing Man” on social. It looks like he’s perfectly suited to brave the elements. Share yours #getafraid

🎧 New Episode of Man Afraid of Everything

Last December, I visited my local chapter of Podcast Brunch Club. It’s like book club, but for podcasts. After a great discussion of the show Last Seen from WBUR and the Boston Globe, we talked about how I’ve been afraid of releasing a bad episode. I spent months researching, editing and tweaking previous installments and I wasn’t sure how to follow them up. Adela, the founder of PBC suggested I make a really terrible episode on purpose. Here it is!


☑️ MetaFilter Projects

Thanks to AskMetaFilter I put a bowl of fruit on it and sold a piano on Craigslist. The buyer ended up composing an amazing song with it for my podcast. That exchange set off a chain reaction that ultimately led to the Get Afraid Journal. I just added the book to MetaFilter Projects. If you’re not a member of MetaFilter, I highly recommend joining. I’ve found help for anxiousness, relationships, and travel.

💗 Thanks Worry Birds!

Thank you again for picking up a Get Afraid Journal. As you know, the hardest part of a book launch is getting the word out. 100% of people enjoying the journal so far, found it through word of mouth.

If you believe in the book as much as I do, tell friends about it with one click!

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My friend Jed wrote a book called the Get Afraid Journal! It’s a bunch of fun prompts to try. You can get it on Amazon.

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🎵 Listen:

In case you didn’t catch it last time, I was a guest on the Pitter Patter Podcast! Talking Man Afraid and the book with fellow overthinkers. If you know other creative folks I should talk to. Please let me know.


Thanks for reading. See you fearly soon. 🙄

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