The Joy Generator

Tap Button. Get Joy.


It’s insane out there. How are you holding up? I hope to provide a little levity today.

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😀 Get Afraid’s Joy Generator

When I haven’t been obsessively washing my hands, I’ve been cobbling together a tiny web app. Every tap generates a random idea to delight you at home.

Featuring prompts that didn’t make the book and some absurd new ones.

  • Devour some gooey comfort foods.

  • Ask to wear someone else's pajamas for a night.

  • Draw a walrus with carrot teeth, surrounded by hungry rabbits.

Tap Button. Get Joy.

Open it up whenever you need a distraction. And please share with friends!


CDC says we’re supposed to wear masks now. Here’s how to make your own. Take care out there.

See you fearly soon. 🙄

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